About Me

I have had a passion for designing and creating since I was old enough to hold a crayon. I love color!! It fascinates me how color can change the look of anything, from a room to an item to even your mood.

I learned how to knit, crochet and embroider from my mother when I was 4 years old. Can you imagine teaching a child to do any of those things that young? She was very patient! I picked it up easily and was instantly in love with anything that involved creating items by hand. I learned to sew a few years later, again from mom. That didn’t go so easily for me then. I gave that up for about 10 years, but when I came back to it, it was like I had sewn that entire time. I guess maturity is key there!

I went on to college and majored in architecture with an interior design minor. I loved my design classes and adored my fiber arts/textile design labs! Another addiction….lol. Upon graduation, off I went to work to do my best to impact the daily interactions people have with their environment. But always I dreamt of having my own design company where I could do my first love, anything to do with fibers/textiles and using my skills I learned as a child and young adult. One year (the year that we call over the hill) I just decided it was time to give myself the gift of my own company, and my dream was born.

Fast forward a few years…..after perfecting some thoughts, and finding a way to get them out to the world, the only thing left was to find a true direction. Here is where I come back to my roots. I am of Scandinavian descent, particularly Sweden and Denmark. I love the approach and feel they have for design. It is clean, simple, yet very modern and classic. Plus the use of color is incredible…..did I mention I love color??? It’s amazing how the answer to what we search for, most often lies right in front of us.