2 Baby/Toddler Scarf or Drool Bibs-You Choose 2

2 Baby/Toddler Scarf or Drool Bibs-You Choose 2


Does your little one drool alot? A cool new look for a bib. Your cutie will be very edgy with a new way to keep the clothes dry. This scarf can be worn several ways and is reversible with 2 different fabrics. It comes with 3 snaps to keep it closed all the way or part of the way. Unsnapped it looks like an adult scarf, but baby sized.

Choose the 2 scarf/bibs you want from pull down menus at above right. Some of the choices are shown here. You can see each one in my other listings.

Scarf/Bib approximately is 6" (15.24 cm) x 24" (60.96 cm) and is 100% cotton. Machine wash cool/tumble dry low.

Please note that while the snaps on the scarf are secure, they do consist of small parts. Please do not let your baby chew on the snaps.

This is a Scandeez original design. Copyright 2019 by Scandeez.

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