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Morningside Road Fiber started out of a love for spinning and wanting to feed my newly acquired spinning addiction in 2013. I began dyeing roving and bringing it with me to the Spin-in’s on 3rd Saturday of the month at Lucky Ewe Yarn in New Braunfels, TX. My fellow spinners loved my colors and wanted to get some to spin for themselves, so I began dyeing for the shop. Push forward a few years and Linda the shop owner asked if I would dye yarn as well. After many years and shows with people asking for my website and I was sad to say I didn’t have one yet, here we are :)

The name comes from the country road I grew up on just outside of Fremont, NE. Only when I was small it didn’t have a name, just a rural route number and a box number. It was renamed after I moved away, but it still means home and lots of great memories growing up there. It’s a part of me and so only seemed right to name my business after it. I will always remember summers exploring the irrigation paths thru the cornfields. Feeling the silky soft dirt under my bare feet. And the sweet smell of the corn pollen. Those paths seemed to go on forever and let me have lots of fun adventures with my dog and my creative thoughts.

Morningside Road Fiber now resides in my studio in Canyon Lake, TX.